Pottery bowl with dark brown painted decoration on a buff background, showing birds
and geometric motifs. From Susa.
Pottery jar decorated with dark brown paint on a buff background. The design
includes stylized birds. Obtained in Nahavand, allegedly from Tepe Giyan,
Pottery bowl with brown painted decoration on a cream background, showing bird headed men and stylized Maltese crosses. thought to be from Tall-i Bakun near Persepolis.

Silver rhyton, reportedly from Erzincan. Gold dish, Persian Hunter\Calvalry soldier fighting wild animals with bow. Molded stucco plaque, showing a senmurw, a mythical creature with the foreparts of a dog or lion, and the wings and tail of a bird. From Chal Tarkhan near Rayy.



Silver gilt dish showing a senmurw, the creature that appears on a stucco plaque.

Silver gilt vase pierced like a colander at the base, with scenes showing a grape harvest. Two naked cherub-like boys gather grapes, while between the vines birds and foxes are trying to steal the fruit. The inspiration for this sort of decoration is classical, based on the cult of Dionysos.

Monstrous bronze figure, allegedly found near the Helmand River in Afghanistan. Fantastic creatures such as these dragons are often depicted in Sasanian art, and are also found on the stone facade of the Islamic palace at Mshatta in Jordan.



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