Persian Timeline

         640 BC- Rein of Cyrus I

         600 BC- Rein of Cambyses I

         559 BC- Reign of Cyrus II the Great

         547 BC- Greek city-states fall under Persian rule

         546 BC- Persians conquer Lydia

         538 BC- Persians conquer Babylonia

         530 BC- Reign of Cambyses II

         525 BC- Persians conquer Egypt

         523 BC- Reign of Darius I

          523 BC- Darius I reorganizes the government into satrapies

         521 BC- The Empire is extended beyond the Indus River

         499 BC- Ionian Greek city-states revolt against Persian rule

         493 BC- Darius the Great of Persia suppresses the revolt

          490 BC- The Battle of Marathon

         485 BC- Reign of Xerxes I

         480 BC- The Battle of Thermopylae

         480 BC- The Battle of Salamis

         479 BC- The Battle of Plataea

         465 BC- Reign of Artaxerxes I Longimanus

         424 BC- Reign of Xerxes II

         404 BC- Reign of Artaxerxes II Mnemon

         359 BC- Reign of Artaxerxes III Ochus

         336 BC- Reign of Darius Codomannus

         334 BC- The Battle of Granicus

         333 BC- The Battle of Issus

         331 BC- The Battle of Guagamela

         330 BC- Alexander the Great conquers the Persian Empire



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